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A property survey is not automatically done before a sale;
however, it is, of course, possible and often advisable for the purchaser of an important property to obtain a report about the state of the property from an independent surveyor, an architect or other.

Certain mandatory reports have to be supplied under certain circumstances.
For example, a report on the possible existence of lead must be provided by sellers of properties which have been built prior to 1948 and which are located in a so-called "risk areas".
Other mandatory reports that may have to be supplied include reports on asbestos, termites, natural gas, and "natural and technological risks".

The seller must provide in any case the deeds of the property confirming his or her title.
Other necessary documentation may include co-owner regulations in the case of an apartment
(co-op or condo).

In general, it is advisable for buyers to always check such parameters as building - and property - surfaces, property boundaries, building permits or annual ownership taxes and - charges.
If in doubt, buyers should consult their Real Estate agent who will be able either to assist directly or recommend a local specialist such a lawyer, an architect etc to clarify those points.

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